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Welcome to PSS Distributors

We Supply UPS, AVS, AC DC Inverters Batteries, Generators, Solar & Other Power Related Products

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

PSS Distributors' environmentally friendly uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are designed to meet the most demanding environments. Nationwide our UPS's, sized from 600VA - 400KVA, are recognised for their quality, performance and value for money. View our various uninterrupted power supply products here

Our sealed lead acid batteries are of the highest quality and perfect to be used in PABX's, Alarms, Gate Motors, CCTV, UPS's, Automotive, Solar and more. We offer various brands such as PSS, Energizer, Royal, Deltec and CSB. View our various sealed lead acid batteries here.
Sine wave and square wave inverters can be used for all domestic and industrial applications. A grid inverter is suitable for those individuals who would like to reduce their monthly electricity bill. View our power inverters here.
AVS - Automatic voltage stabilizers
Line conditioners provide a steady output voltage. Build from 1KVA to 1MVA, our 220V and 380V AVS products are very competitively priced and will outperform most of its competitors. Our voltage regulators are perfect for high and low voltage conditions. View our automatic voltage stabilizers here.
Cabinets range from small to large. There are 7 standard sizes to accommodate your every need. All rack cabinets are powder coated to prevent corrosion. Movable and lockable storage cabinets are available on request. View our Battery Cabinets Here
Sized from 10W to 230W, we customize our solar panel system solutions to suite your budget. Photovoltaic panels are build with a strong aluminum frame, tempered glass and high quality multi-crystalline cells to give you a strong, lightweight, high output solar panel efficiency. View our solar panels here.
Diesel generators from Kipor, Volvo Penta, Yanmar, Perkins, Kohler and Cummins are a few brand names we supply with our UPS Solutions. ATS panels and canopies are optional that is custom build to your needs. View our back-up generators here.
We offer a full range of surge protection for: Mains, Modems, TV, CCTV, PABX, Coax and Satellite protection. Added to our electrical surge protectors are our EMI Filters, used to filter out electromagnetic interferences. View our surge protector products here.